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SomeInternetLoser - Group: Member - Total Posts: 98
Anime you desperately want a new season / Anime adaptation you want to see
Posted on: 04/28/24 01:07AM

I just finished watching Mahou Shoujo Ni Akogarete (Spanish dub) and i already want a second season. I hope the mangaka gets better.

A second Season of Bocchi the Rock would be good as well.

I also want a second season of Ayakashi Triangle because i liked the manga (though the ending kinda sucked) and i want to see the arc of Suzu in the dream world, the one where she and Matsuri are wearing a harem outfit, in anime form but that one is sadly unlikely.

I would like an anime adaptation of Shinju no Nectar. If Seikon no Qwaser could get an anime, then this one should as well.

CarbuncleMew - Group: Member - Total Posts: 36
Posted on: 04/28/24 01:17AM

I kind of want a season of Attack on Titan following the after credits ending.

Maximinimal - Group: Member - Total Posts: 810
Posted on: 04/28/24 01:51AM

oh boy..where do I start with this.......I've been craving for more Acchi Kocchi..lots of manga material can be made into the anime,but sadly,only a select chunk of it made the cut,it's been a long 12 years since I last saw this..I just wish most SoL anime isn't about a one-and-done,single season only show..I want more of it..oh I'd make a killing if there's a glint of "season 2" announcement.

oh wait,I forgot Ryuuou no Oshigoto...I always wanted to know the JS research's development..and no,I won't even think of trying to lewd them immediately,I could give it time before I became one of those "perverse dragons"

arrow189 - Group: Member - Total Posts: 51
Posted on: 04/28/24 04:14AM

Tamamo-san's a Fox! needs it so bad.

SadSap - Group: Member - Total Posts: 4031
Posted on: 04/28/24 05:30AM

Watamote is the first one that comes to mind. Seriously, Tomoko was probably the most unique protagonist for a "cute girl slice of life" type of anime, and I don't get why it got a second season.

Also I would say Manyuu Hiken Chou and Seikon No Qwaser, but internet hentai has long since filled that gap for me.

Xalrun - Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 4733
Posted on: 04/28/24 09:21AM

Any adaptation of Seiman Douman's works would be nice. Particularly Voynich Hotel or how many light years to Babylon

Flamingo123 - Group: Lysdexic and Kinp - Total Posts: 2068
Posted on: 04/28/24 09:57AM



mipaloote - Group: Member - Total Posts: 44
Posted on: 04/28/24 05:48PM

Doro hedoro, I want the whole manga to be adapted to an anime

SadSap - Group: Member - Total Posts: 4031
Posted on: 04/28/24 05:49PM

Flamingo123 said:


Same but extra iruru for me

MidbossVyers - Group: Member - Total Posts: 374
Posted on: 04/28/24 06:31PM

I want a remake of Guyver that properly shows Mizuki nipples. The OVA was OK, but imagine Mizuki nipples with at least the actual remake's art style.

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