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Thorkell - Group: Rate Namer - Total Posts: 43
Online glasses
Posted on: 11/13/23 07:02PM

if you were going to order glasses online where'd you go to get em?

ThePigeon - Group: Member - Total Posts: 2251
Posted on: 11/13/23 07:06PM

Wish. Highest quality shit.

BaconMinion - Group: Member - Total Posts: 490
Posted on: 11/13/23 07:51PM

I'd say Temu, but that's as normie as Wish.

Mixed_Bread - Group: Member - Total Posts: 633
Posted on: 11/13/23 09:08PM

A sketchy online store 30 pages down a search engine.

Moonman - Group: Member - Total Posts: 268
Posted on: 11/15/23 10:03PM

pit viper [dot] com. use code HENTAISHAGGER for 15% off your first invalid discount code error

J-list used to have those nice cosplay glasses that were semi-rimless. Crazy to think that such a style came in to popularity because it gave animators an angle to draw from that showed the irises without being obstructed by a frame,

peacethroughpower - Group: Member - Total Posts: 1
Posted on: 11/18/23 01:37AM

Zenni Optical is what I go for.

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