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"There are other images that violate the ToS..."
Posted on: 03/30/10 02:14AM

I'm really getting sick and tired of seeing this argument used as a way to argue that it's okay that they're images violates the Terms of Service because all these others are still there.

A) Gelbooru does allow uploads without moderation. After they get uploaded they then come into the purview of the moderators. This means some images slip through.
B) Just because there are other images MEANS NOTHING as those images AS WELL violate the Terms of Service and should be removed. Period.
C) To argue it's okay for your image to stay because others violate the Terms of Service is like arguing that it's okay to violate laws just because other people do and get away with it.

I hope this will allow us to not continue to have this same argument again and again.

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