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tags to remember
Posted on: 01/24/21 11:21AM

I'm not the greatest tagger, and there are a ton that elude me, but if my experience is worth anything I think this list could help people (especially since finding tags is painful). A lot of these are taken from tag_groups.

Hard to find tags

* [[outside_border]] - For when there is a border, but things go over it. I would've chosen the name "over_border" but that's just me.
* "[insert color]_trim" - Most anime clothing have these at some point or another. If your shirt is red, but has black lines on the cuffs of your sleeves, it has a black trim.
* Specific school uniforms - These can exist for practically any show with school uniforms and a school name, but for some reason I only ever find them on KyoAni anime. Note, there is no real consistency and the presence of "high_" before "school" depends on the school's name's translation. Danbooru does not want to change this.
-[[ryouou_school_uniform]] - Lucky Star
-[[sakuragaoka_high_school_uniform]] - K-On!
-[[kita_high_school_uniform]] - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya/Suzumiya Haruhi no Yutsuuu
* [[caustics]] - You know those white circle-y lines that artists draw on top of larger bodies of water? That's what these are.
* [[diffraction_spikes]] - Sparkles, but where the points are elongated.

Common tags

* [[eyebrows_visible_through_hair]] - Self explanatory.
* [[Kneepits]] - See your knees? That's the front. We're talking about the back part. Usually looks like an "H" when drawn.
* [[semi-rimless_eyewear]] - For characters who wear glasses in anime, but are missing either the whole top or bottom part. Usually the top.
- [[under-rim_eyewear]] - In that same vein, this is to specify which part.
* [[over-rim_eyewear]] - Against expectations, this tag is used to describe the inverse of under-rim eyewear and those granny-style glasses where the top part is way thicker than the bottom.
* [[backlighting]] - Not a blacklight; when the light is concentrated behind the main character of the image.
* [[bokeh]] - Out-of-focus blur.
* [[matching_hair/eyes]] - If the hair and eye colours for a given, specific character are the same.
* [[wing_collar]] - When you think of a collared shirt, you are likely thinking of a shirt with a wing collar. Gelbooru makes no tagged distinction between French collars and the sort you have on your dress shirts and polos.

Traditional Japanese Patterns
It is pretty difficult to remember these, but the rewards are... more work during winter...

*[[asa_no_ha_(pattern)]] - Looks a bit like paper snowflakes -- if that's even a good reference. They resemble eight-pointed stars and within each point there is a line bisecting the middle, and there are two more lines hitting that from the middle.
*[[egasumi]] - Clouds drawn in a way that would fit with Google's really cartoony and flat aesthetic. If that wasn't helpful, they look like the letter H in a way.
*[[genjiguruma]] - Sort of resembles the royal chrysanthemum emblem; a cart's wheel with a thick tire and as many spokes as the artist deems necessary.
*[[goshoguruma]] - Where genjiguruma is the ox-drawn carriage's wheel, goshoguruma is the carriage itself. It isn't quite as repeatable as, say, having a bunch of overlapping circles.
*[[kikumon]] - The Imperial Seal of Japan. Officially, it is a yellow, 16-petalled chrysanthemum.
*[[sayagata]] - Swastikas overlapped in such a way that you hardly notice that they're swastikas. They look more like isometric hallways.
*[[shippou_(pattern)]] - Overlapping circles. Think of more artistic venn diagrams. God, my descriptions suck.
*[[seigaiha]] - Overlapping waves that look like wi-fi symbols.
*[[yagasuri]] - If you've ever examined a shirt's fabric closely, you'll see the alternating directions that the threads go in. Yagasuri looks like that, except more pointed.

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Posted on: 01/24/21 11:53AM

fyi, the [[]] syntax for linking to wiki pages only works on wiki pages, not elsewhere on the site.

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Posted on: 01/24/21 11:54AM

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Posted on: 01/24/21 11:58AM

Jerl said:
fyi, the [[]] syntax for linking to wiki pages only works on wiki pages, not elsewhere on the site.

i guess i mainly did it for style here

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