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th8827 - Group: Retired Staff - Total Posts: 1264
Subjective Tagging Discussion
Posted on: 02/10/11 11:23AM

This is a continuation of the Subjective Tagging discussion that was started in the Cute Tag topic.

Old topic:

Subjective tags are tags that's definition varies from person to person. Everyone can agree if the girl in the image has green hair, or if there is a chair in the image, but what is sexy for me or cute for you may just be considered average to another user, or even plain unattractive to some.

We will also discuss other forms of bad tags. For example, big_breasts should either be large_ or huge_breasts, and quality should be poorly_drawn.

The current list is in the post below.

internetlovemachine - Group: Fleet Admiral Cat - Total Posts: 3836
Posted on: 02/10/11 03:23PM

Here's Jedi1357's list, though I removed some of the stuff that was in the OP list, some stuff that wasn't really subjective, and changed a few things around:

1boy (->male/male+child/shota + solo ?) 4 pages
1girl (->female/female+child/loli + solo ?) 10 pages
asking_for_it 1 page
big 4
boy(-> male/male+child. Danbooru aliased this to tagme, for some reason.)
bush(Images featuring the plant can stay. The tag needs to be cleaned out because someone decided at some point this tag meant "pubic_hair".)
classic (?) 1
commentary_request 9(For artist commentary from a pixiv description or something similar, not really subjective.)
crazy ? 13
creepy (?) 32
cry (alias to crying is necessary/danbooru aliased this to tears) 44
crying (?) (Danbooru aliased this to tears as well.)
dfo (->dungeon_fighter_online) 6
dicks_everywhere (not that subjective to me but...) 2
dirty (unless with actual dirt) 10
dying (should be used for characters on the verge of death, most likely isnt)
ecchi 24
erect (->erection, erect_nipples etc.) 2
erotic_pose 3
ecstasy 2
extra (sorry, what is this tag being used for?) 15
fun (?) 2
girl(female/female+child. Danbooru also aliased this one to tagme.)
gloryhole(seems to mostly be slang for 'mouth')
horny (I looked it up in a thesaurus – it is subjective) 7
Immoral 2
japanese (Do we really need this as a tag? For patriotic images, flags, maps, sports teams etc. use [[japan]]) 20
lol 12
loli + rating:safe (->child) 173
monster_penis (->monster_cock) 1
naughty_face (?) 154
needs_a_hug (?) 3
no_testicles (->futanari unless male) 12
novagina (->no_pussy) 10
os-tan (->os) 2
painful (->pain, when applicable) 1
pc (->computer) 2
penises (->penis) 2
penis_in_male_anus 4
phallic (?) 1
pleasure 2
pleasure_face (->ahegao, fucked_silly if applicable)4
poop (I don't quite agree with this, but if you take the Grotesque rule on feces literally, they're deletable.) 2
poorly_drawn (delete) 15
porn (?) 2
scat 5 (delete per ToS)
shota + rating:safe (->child) 29
smothering (->smother) 1
so_moe_i'm_gonna_die!(here's danboorus wiki on it: , this one is debatable)
source (source_request ?) 4
sucking (->fellatio, mostly. Also breast_sucking, finger_sucking etc.) 12
suggestive (?) 3
tease (Should be aliased to 'teasing', teasing should be worked on to differentiate it from "presenting") 7
tentacle_rape (redundant?) 23
tmnt (->teenage_mutant_ninja_turtles or delete) 1
toned (?) 6
ugly 2
wanted_poster (alias to wanted?) 1
white (and other colors look like someone forgot an underscore – change to white_stockings, white_(pokemon) etc.) 12+
yotsuba (specify koiwai_yotsuba, yotsuba_(sister_princess), the yotsubato! copyright, etc.) 5


I want to make a list for artists who have had their tag changed on Danbooru, but not here. All these need aliasing:
surume_(artist) -> surumeri_(baneiro)
minawa_(artist) -> minawa
omaemona_(pixiv) -> fuurin_(omaemona)
ham_(artist) -> ham_(points)
koomo_(pixiv148008) -> koumo
rindou_(pixiv19355) -> rindou_(awoshakushi)
son_(artist) -> sonson_(eleven)
null -> null_(nyanpyoun)
caraduki -> carazuki
saya_(pixiv) -> saya_(sayamendo)
shishigami_(pixiv) -> shishigami_(sunagimo)
2580rs -> tamutamu-t
kei_(pixiv14657) -> kei_(bekei)
shuz_(pixiv) -> shuz_(dodidu)
yukiame_kon -> yukiu_kon
diabolism -> toujou_sakana
show_(artist) -> show_(rinnetenshow)
gum_(artist) -> gum_(vivid_garden)
hara and harayu -> hara_yui
seigo_tokiya -> tokiya_seigo
undercover_brothers -> black_olive
chihiro_2_(artist) -> meola
depth_bomb -> shimo_(depthbomb)
sakuraboshi_sora -> nagayama_yuunon
homare_(artist) -> homare_(fool's_art)
miyama_kannon -> miyama_amehiko

Feel free to PM me more if you find them, I could use the help.

For yuks, KILL LIST:
Big_breasts(Assuming -> large_breasts)
Futa_is_always_bigger(Grouped into the 'futa is always bigger' pool)
Naked(Assuming -> Nude)
Needs_a_hug(Grouped into the 'Needs a Hug' pool)
Vaginal_Penetration(-> vaginal)

barrelroll5 - Group: Member - Total Posts: 15
Posted on: 02/10/11 03:53PM

internetlovemachine said:

porn (?) 2

Yeah, like adding a porn tag to gelbooru will help you find images.

Tagtastical - Group: Member - Total Posts: 32
Posted on: 02/10/11 04:16PM

Since internetlovemachine mentioned some things that should be aliased, I suppose I'll add this to the thread:

tanktop (556 images) to tank_top (4648 images)

asking_for_it, ass_crack and porn are now gone (except for a deleted image that still has porn on it).

Also, what is the procedure for tags and deleted images (such as )? Should the tags be blanked, or just have a tag for "deleted" or such? Or just leave them as they are?

Xalrun - Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 4671
Posted on: 02/10/11 07:56PM

edit: oh wait. nevermind. good thing the tag discussion was moved.

internetlovemachine - Group: Fleet Admiral Cat - Total Posts: 3836
Posted on: 02/10/11 08:37PM

Tagtastical said:
Also, what is the procedure for tags and deleted images (such as )? Should the tags be blanked, or just have a tag for "deleted" or such? Or just leave them as they are?

I usually delete tags from deleted images if the tag count is below 10 or something. I leave them otherwise.

SevenForce - Group: Member - Total Posts: 103
Posted on: 02/10/11 08:46PM

I'd like to address the 'naked' tag. Nude means the same thing, and has far more images under that name anyway ( 107960, as I post this). There are only around 5000 images under the naked tag. Can we scrap it?

Also, spread_legs and legs_spread. I think the former sounds better, and holds the majority for images under it anyway.

internetlovemachine - Group: Fleet Admiral Cat - Total Posts: 3836
Posted on: 02/10/11 08:55PM

Since I can't quote you SevenForce:
Naked and nude have been alias requested before, it's up to lozer to approve it.

Legs_spread has been aliased to spread_legs successfully. For some reason aliasing tags doesn't get rid of the first tag, it just makes it show up in the latter's results.

Which might be a good thing, because from time to time people send in requests for things that are 100% wrong that would ruin a tag if it were to be aliased successfully and disappear(like reisen to reisen_udongein_inaba, for example!)

vryheid - Group: Member - Total Posts: 11
Posted on: 02/11/11 02:41PM


Please kill this vague, condescending and totally unnecessary tag. Most of the images it's used on look exactly the same as any other post on this site, and if we were taking the definition literally then it would be marked on the entire gigantic_breasts category. These are perfect examples of images where I cannot see any evidence of "bad" physical design but cannot make any effective argument to remove the use of the tags because the definition is entirely subjective: (this one particularly gets me because a near identical variant,, is not marked with the tag) (who the hell is to judge the proper anatomy of a demon girl)

I'd consider looking at the nearly-as-obnoxious bad_proportions tag next.

internetlovemachine - Group: Fleet Admiral Cat - Total Posts: 3836
Posted on: 02/11/11 03:18PM

No. Bad_anatomy stays.

post #926261 - That's more poor art than weird anatomy.
post #884077 - Her right shoulder appears to be missing.
post #561109, post #294699 - Look at the lady on the lefts hand, lady in the center's arm.
post #645418 - That seems more like bad perspective than bad anatomy.
post #704864 - Given she appears like she's supposed to look human, I'd human anatomy can apply. Breasts appearing to be hanging off the collar bone isn't human anatomy.
post #540493 - That seems to be more bad proportions than anatomy.

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