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Date: Dec 21, 2015User: danbooruRating: QuestionableScore: 56

rdtsp commented at 2023-12-11 00:43:26 » #2850235

I remember one dream where these 2 became the Valkyrie Drive Mermaid protagonists, I wish there was an art of that.

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Anonymous commented at 2015-12-23 20:34:13 » #1870662

#1869892 That pun... ow.

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Anonymous commented at 2015-12-22 12:16:12 » #1869892

Zombina likes a good joke, she's already in stitches...

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leejunne commented at 2015-12-21 18:35:34 » #1869433

I imagine Tio's muscles being harder than diamond, but her boobs softer than cashmere. Shameful blow, Zombina.

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Anonymous commented at 2015-12-21 16:19:40 » #1869392

Nothing like a little boob-play to perk things up.

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Date: Nov 22, 2023User: ArtAboveAllRating: ExplicitScore: 270
Tags: katsuragi_shouko jitaku_keibiin suzuki_mirano bad_tag 1boy 1girl aftersex ahegao all_fours anus ass ass_clapping ass_focus ass_grab ass_shake audible_creampie backboob barefoot bed bed_sheet bedroom begging bent_over blackmail blush blush_stickers body_blush bouncing_ass bouncing_breasts bra braid braided_bun breasts breasts_out breasts_squeezed_together brown_hair butt_squish censored cheating_(relationship) clothed_sex clothes_pull coercion collarbone covering_crotch covering_privates cum cum_in_pussy cum_overflow cum_string cumdrip curtains deep_skin denim dimples_of_venus doggystyle drooling ejaculation embarrassed english_text erection fast_thrusts fat fat_man feet from_behind from_below from_side fucked_silly furrowed_brow grabbing_another's_ass groping hair_between_eyes hair_bun hand_covering_pussy hetero huge_ass indoors inseki japanese_voice_acting jeans jiggle kneeling large_breasts large_penis mature_female moaning mosaic_censoring netorare nipples off-shoulder_shirt off_shoulder on_bed one_breast_out open_mouth orgasm pants pants_pull penis pov profanity puffy_pussy purple_eyes pussy pussy_grip pussy_juice pussy_juice_trail pussy_worship rape rough_sex saliva saliva_trail sex sex_from_behind sheet_grab shirt sideboob sidelocks single_hair_bun slapping slapping_ass slapping_butt smacking_ass squeezing squeezing_butt step-incest stepson subtitled surprised sweat sweatdrop tearing_up tears tiny_anus tongue tongue_out top-down_bottom-up ugly_man uncensored_breasts underwear unwanted_creampie vaginal viewed_from_side violation

MasterLordStarLord commented at 2023-12-11 00:42:48 » #2850234

The line DOES make sense

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MasterLordStarLord commented at 2023-12-01 04:58:52 » #2847998

@futaenjoyer420 Bruh will you FUCK OFF. We came here to enjoy her getting her back blown out, NOT to have this dude express guilt just because his mom couldn’t help herself to fucking a shota. He isn’t a pos. His mind shouldn’t change.

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MasterLordStarLord commented at 2023-12-01 04:56:58 » #2847996

The Animation isn’t shit. Piss off.

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Strayed commented at 2023-11-29 01:00:54 » #2847550

Dayum this has 60fps moments!

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ArtAboveAll commented at 2023-11-27 08:17:47 » #2847160

You know your pussy is extremely tight when it takes 10 seconds just to penetrate it completely. Now this was most likely due to her not being aroused but it was still a nice detail you don't see in most hentais.

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Date: Nov 30, 2023User: BuggggggggggggggRating: ExplicitScore: 393

LittleLoliPanties commented at 2023-12-11 00:39:33 » #2850233

@Bugggggggggggggg It's also realistic. I lost my virginity to a girl who was also a virgin and once I'd gotten all the way inside her she wrapped her legs so tightly around me I couldn't pull out when I started cumming. It seems to be an instinctive reaction for girls, even overriding fears of pregnancy. She was upset she'd done it and very, very worried until she had her next period, so I know it wasn't intentional.

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jack35425245 commented at 2023-12-11 00:09:46 » #2850227

najar is literally the best animator out there holy damn

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Bugggggggggggggg commented at 2023-12-04 23:59:49 » #2848886

My favorite part is how she instantly wraps her legs around him when she gets deep inside...her breasts are so beautiful aswell. My only issue with this is that the guy didn't eat that pussy more...only licked for a few seconds. I wouldn't be able to resist burying my tongue in there. This is it for the uear though see you guys in 2024 for next najar post!

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regular commented at 2023-12-04 08:56:19 » #2848755

najar giving us an early Christmas present. I generally lurk, but I can't help but echo the absolute appreciation for this artists work. It's so damn wholesome.

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Tunabis commented at 2023-12-03 11:36:40 » #2848544

Damn, as always, Najar always cooking something good.

This one hit harder than before, realizing how lonely I am...

Therefore, I'm in tears.

I hope the reader will find someone who fill the gap in our heart.

Probably the third time I'm in tears over a porn media, first time for the video.

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Date: Dec 1, 2023User: Jellende2065Rating: QuestionableScore: 29

Blitz_Ryu commented at 2023-12-10 22:27:45 » #2850218

I know absolutely nothing about this series so I'm assuming it's about giant robots powered by sexual energy which how is that not more of a genre !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Date: Sep 10, 2020User: danbooruRating: SensitiveScore: 74

Blitz_Ryu commented at 2023-12-10 22:18:29 » #2850216

I absolutely Love this artist the way they draw their characters is just the epitome of femininity curvy beautiful and so very much seductive and all the best ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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