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Daijin - Retired Staff

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 1girl blonde_hair blue_eyes crowley_hamon gundam military military_uniform mobile_suit_gundam solo uniform  rating:Sensitive score:4 user:Daijin
 1girl 2boys bright_noa cho_(taronana) dark_skin gundam haro laughing military military_uniform mirai_yashima mobile_suit_gundam multiple_boys ryu_jose uniform  rating:Sensitive score:4 user:Daijin
 creatures_(company) dragonite fang game_freak gen_1_pokemon gen_2_pokemon haychel heart igglybuff nintendo no_humans open_mouth pokemon pokemon_(creature) scared spotlight tears  rating:Sensitive score:7 user:Daijin
 10s 1girl 2boys bianca_(pokemon) blonde_hair brown_hair cheren_(pokemon) climbing creatures_(company) game_freak gen_5_pokemon hilbert_(pokemon) ichi_kawa_ichi leaf multiple_boys nintendo pansear pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_bw tree  rating:Sensitive score:8 user:Daijin

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