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 animal_ear_fluff animal_focus artist_name commentary deer english_commentary english_text galaxy looking_at_viewer no_humans original purple_background simple_background thelatestkate  rating:General score:3 user:danbooru
 1boy bandaged_arm bandages beard black_choker blindfold blood_from_ears choker closed_mouth dark-skinned_male dark_skin facial_hair field_of_blades fingernails gauntlets highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon jewelry male_focus muscular muscular_male original pigeon666 planted planted_sword planted_weapon pointy_ears ring short_hair single_gauntlet sitting solo sword veins very_dark_skin weapon white_hair  rating:General score:5 user:danbooru
 animal_focus closed_eyes commentary_request creatures_(company) flower full_body game_freak gen_4_pokemon glowing highres legendary_pokemon mythical_pokemon nintendo no_humans outdoors parted_lips pink_flower pokemon pokemon_(creature) shaymin sleeping solo stratocumuli  rating:General score:2 user:danbooru
 1girl black_shorts black_thighhighs blush bracelet breasts colored_sclera creatures_(company) game_freak hammer heart holding holding_hammer jewelry large_breasts latex long_hair looking_at_viewer navel nintendo open_mouth pink_hair pokemon pokemon_(creature) purple_sclera shiny_skin short_shorts shorts smile solo suspenders thick_thighs thighhighs thighs tinkaton underboob usa37107692 very_long_hair white_eyes  rating:Sensitive score:72 user:danbooru
 1girl barefoot blue_hair cellphone creatures_(company) cuddling flareon game_freak gen_1_pokemon gen_2_pokemon gen_4_pokemon gen_6_pokemon highres hood hoodie jolteon leafeon lying multicolored_hair multiple_others nintendo noir_(ibaraki) on_bed on_side pantyhose penny_(pokemon) phone poke_ball pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_sv print_pantyhose red_hair rotom rotom_phone skirt smartphone sunlight sylveon umbreon vaporeon  rating:General score:26 user:danbooru
 alolan_form alolan_vulpix alternate_color bad_id bad_pixiv_id blue_eyes blush bow closed_eyes closed_mouth commentary_request creatures_(company) flower game_freak gen_1_pokemon gen_7_pokemon looking_back nao_(naaa_195) nintendo no_humans orange_flower pokemon pokemon_(creature) shiny_pokemon sleeping smile translation_request vulpix  rating:General score:2 user:danbooru

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