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lahdeedah - Unofficial Gardener's Guild

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 1girl architecture blue_sky book building castle chimney cloud dress fantasy female_focus fence gate grass hat highres house lamppost landscape long_image open_book outdoors pigsomedom plant reading sandals scenery shade sitting sky solo town tree vines wand white_legwear wide_image window witch_hat  rating:Sensitive score:4 user:lahdeedah
 2boys afterimage animated sound clenched_hand domon_kasshu eye_contact facial_hair fighting fighting_stance fire fist_bump g_gundam gloves gundam headband looking_at_another male_focus master_asia multiple_boys mustache ponytail punching video video  rating:Sensitive score:18 user:lahdeedah
 1girl 3boys animated anime_screencap ashiya_shirou black_hair blonde_hair brown_hair chopsticks fire food hataraku_maou-sama! maou_sadao multiple_boys red_eyes short_hair sitting slit_pupils sound steam subtitled sweatdrop video  rating:Sensitive score:11 user:lahdeedah
 1boy 1girl animated black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes bodysuit breasts brown_hair clothed_male_nude_female couple devil_gundam dg_cells domon_kasshu earrings fire g_gundam god_gundam gundam hairband headband hetero hug jewelry lowres mecha metal mobile_trace_suit nude rain_mikamura robot sound sparkle spoilers subtitled tears video video  rating:Questionable score:21 user:lahdeedah
 arch chromatic_aberration flower indoors no_humans open_window original painting_(object) plant portrait_(object) scenery takano_takao window  rating:General score:10 user:lahdeedah
 1girl beach blue_eyes blue_hair blue_sky clenched_hand female_focus gingasansan ikamusume jounouchi_katsuya long_hair matching_hair/eyes ocean parody shinryaku!_ikamusume sky smile solo tsurime upper_body water yu-gi-oh! yuu-gi-ou yu-gi-oh!_duel_monsters  rating:Sensitive score:16 user:lahdeedah

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 1boy armor blonde_hair blue_eyes cape gloves golden_sun kaijuicery male_focus nintendo isaac_(golden_sun) scarf short_hair solo spiked_hair super_smash_bros.  rating:Sensitive score:8 user:danbooru
 1boy belt blonde_hair blue_eyes determined fierce_deity green_headwear green_shirt hat link loz_017 male_focus mask unworn_mask nintendo pointy_ears shirt the_legend_of_zelda the_legend_of_zelda:_majora's_mask young_link  rating:Sensitive score:20 user:danbooru
 2koma 6+boys age_comparison alexander_(fate) animal_ears animal_hands arabian_clothes archer_(fate) beard before_and_after black_hair blonde_hair blush bottle bow bra braid caladbolg_(fate) cat_boy cat_ears cat_tail child_gilgamesh_(fate) choker cigarette comic cup dark-skinned_male dark_skin drinking drinking_glass embarrassed emiya_alter emiya_kiritsugu emiya_kiritsugu_(assassin) emiya_shirou facial_hair fake_animal_ears fate/grand_order fate/hollow_ataraxia fate/zero fate_(series) fergus_mac_roich_(fate) fergus_mac_roich_(young)_(fate) gilgamesh_(fate) glasses gloves heart heart-shaped_pupils holding_hands indian_style iskandar_(fate) lingerie lord_el-melloi_ii male_focus manly milk_bottle mo_(kireinamo) multiple_boys negligee paw_gloves purple_hair red_hair serious short_hair single_braid sitting symbol-shaped_pupils tail underwear veil waver_velvet wine_glass  rating:Sensitive score:46 user:danbooru
 1boy alex_louis_armstrong arc_system_works blonde_hair blue_eyes bridget_(guilty_gear) crossover facial_hair fingerless_gloves fullmetal_alchemist gloves guilty_gear habit male_focus mustache parody solo suka third-party_edit trap  rating:Questionable score:27 user:danbooru
 1girl backpack bag cat child cloud evening flute from_side full_body grass holding holding_flute holding_instrument instrument long_sleeves music original outdoors playing_instrument pon_(cielo) randoseru recorder reflection rice_paddy scenery school_uniform shirt short_hair skirt sky sunset walking water white_shirt wide_shot  rating:Sensitive score:7 user:danbooru
 2girls 3boys :d androgynous animal_ears animification big_cat_shan black_hair blue_eyes blush brown_hair castle eyepatch fangs fins frisk_(undertale) furry goat_ears grin head_fins heart horns meme mettaton mettaton_ex monster_girl multiple_boys multiple_girls open_mouth papyrus_(undertale) parody ponytail sans selfie selfie_prank_(meme) shirt shorts smile striped_clothes striped_sweater sweater tablet_pc taking_picture toriel undertale undyne v yellow_eyes you're_doing_it_wrong  rating:Sensitive score:59 user:danbooru

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