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 5girls akiyama_mio blonde_hair brown_eyes brown_hair clothes_writing earrings english_text expressionless frown hat highres hirasawa_yui jacket jewelry k-on! kotobuki_tsumugi long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_hair multiple_girls nakano_azusa polka_dot polka_dot_shirt sailor_hat screencap shirt side_ponytail t-shirt tainaka_ritsu upper_body wallpaper yellow_background  rating:General score:6 user:starstellastar
 00s 2002 2girls blue_hair chobits clamp closed_mouth highres kotoko_(chobits) long_hair lying multiple_girls official_art open_mouth pink_hair pinup_(style) postcard_(medium) sitting sumomo_(chobits)  rating:General score:5 user:starstellastar
 00s 2002 blonde_hair chii chobits clamp close-up comic highres official_art portrait postcard_(medium) silent_comic  rating:General score:5 user:starstellastar
 00s 1girl 2002 chobits clamp comic highres official_art postcard_(medium) purple_theme silent_comic teacher  rating:Sensitive score:3 user:starstellastar
 00s 1boy 1girl 2002 blonde_hair chii chobits clamp comic highres long_hair motosuwa_hideki official_art postcard_(medium) silent_comic very_long_hair  rating:General score:3 user:starstellastar
 00s 2002 chobits clamp comic official_art oomura_yumi portrait postcard_(medium) silent_comic yellow_theme  rating:General score:0 user:starstellastar

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 animated animated_gif aphrodite_(shuumatsu_no_valkyrie) blonde_hair blue_eyes breasts cleavage flower flower_on_head huge_breasts lowres revealing_clothes shuumatsu_no_valkyrie  rating:Explicit score:20 user:Brauliorene94
 1girl 3boys aphrodite_(shuumatsu_no_valkyrie) blonde_hair blue_eyes breast_lift breasts breasts_holding flower flower_on_head huge_breasts multiple_boys shuumatsu_no_valkyrie  rating:Explicit score:25 user:Brauliorene94
 1girl arms_up bad_anatomy bikini blonde_hair blush breasts female_focus large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer navel oppai_loli pink_eyes red_eyes simple_background solo sorimura_youji swimsuit tokyo_7th_sisters uesugi_u._kyouko white_background  rating:Sensitive score:110 user:danbooru
 2girls blonde_hair bloomers blue_eyes blush brown_hair curly_hair female_focus genderswap genderswap_(mtf) imminent_kiss indoors long_hair msp_sammy multiple_girls nightgown novel_illustration official_art on_bed second-party_source sitting underwear v_arms wavy_hair yuri  rating:Sensitive score:51 user:Dweenie
 2girls asymmetrical_hair bare_shoulders black_bra black_footwear black_hairband black_jacket black_leotard black_panties blue_hair boots bra breasts closed_mouth colored_sclera colored_skin cropped_jacket cyberpunk_(series) cyberpunk_edgerunners green_eyes green_hair grey_background grin hairband hands_in_pockets headgear high_heel_boots high_heels jacket leg_tattoo leotard long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer looking_back lucy_(cyberpunk) multicolored_hair multiple_girls multiple_views open_clothes open_jacket panties pink_hair rebecca_(cyberpunk) red_pupils red_sclera simple_background slammo small_breasts smile standing stomach_tattoo tattoo twintails underwear white_jacket white_skin  rating:Sensitive score:34 user:danbooru
 2girls absurdres alternate_costume azur_lane blue_eyes blue_flower blue_rose breasts dress flower gloves hair_flower hair_ornament hand_on_another's_back highres illustrious_(azur_lane) jewelry large_breasts bridal_garter long_hair looking_at_viewer multiple_girls necklace pafekui partially_fingerless_gloves purple_eyes purple_hair rose see-through silver_hair small_breasts thighs tiara unicorn_(azur_lane) very_long_hair wedding_dress  rating:Sensitive score:29 user:danbooru

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