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g5njGZSwmydD - Group: Member - Total Posts: 8
Posted on: 12/17/23 08:43PM

Jitoryohmaster said:
SadSap said:
That too. It's a fairly subjective subject, therefore what we have is good enough.

Damn. I reallllly didn't want to go down this route....

After the Cyberpunk Edgerunners Rebecca controversy. Several decades of the community having a somewhat same page understanding, of what "loli" meant. Went right out the window. Most old skool japanophile/weebs, painfully know how vague the Japanese love to be about any subject. With mainstream anime boom of the last 20 years, it was only a matter of time before some major or minor (no pun intended) goal post shifting was gonna happen.

Personally for me. Loli is NOT a body type. Let's start there.

It's only when the adjective "oppai" is added do we know without a doubt what type of character we're dealing with, body-wise. Hence "oppai loli."

Loli is not a originally created Japanese or Chinese term. Loli is shorten version of a borrowed word, from the French. That French word being, "Lolita". From a famous book called Lolita. Short summary of the book: It's about a dude who becomes obsessed with a very young underaged girl. Adopts her and then wants to do not legal stuff to her.

Lolita style as we generally know, is also type of fashion. where older girls dress like baby dolls from the Victorian Era. It blew up in in the last 30 years or so and has since evolved, into trends like Gothic Lolita.

What do I define "Loli" as? There are sites/imageboards that will back this up such as SanCom Sankaku Complex .

A loli is a young underage girl. Generally under the age of 12. Who has yet to go through puberty. To use this definition as a "body type". Turns every short person in Anime and manga into a loli. Which would be dumb. And would eliminate the ability to identify, when a character is a child versus an adult. I mean if you want reset things and identify all those short women with boobs in that one folder as children. Do you I guess? The Draph race are lolis now, because height. <- sarcasm btw
So in closing...Jk

So what about Rebecca then? Rebecca is a Pettanko.
This term too has recently been redefined. And I hate that. Simply because it's original definition made too much sense.
A pettanko is flatchested woman. What was the last word? Woman. Not a child/girl. Woman.
A pettanko is a flatchested adult female who has a underdeveloped chest. Point blank period. I initially read the term as "petite woman." I've also utilized the tag for reading h manga, for years. Just so I could identify/differentiate stories involving adult women from lolis. And that still works til this day. However for imageboards it's becoming hassle. Because people want to use the term interchangeably with loli. I hate that. Moving on.

Rebecca is an adult, with developed hips, small breasts. And is literally first introduced in a bar. And soon after Giving a guy handjob, for distraction purposes.
Rebecca is Pettanko. Not a loli.

So what about characters like those 1000 year old lolis? Like Frieren? sigh
Yeah that's that good ol Japanese vague azz fckery. This concept is where the confusion started. Instead of making up a term to identify these types. Weebs eventually came up with "Legal Loli." Which is sooo much better than nothing. Thanks Japan. I got no issue with Legal Loli. By all means please utilize this tag/term.

But to lump all Adult-aged characters who happen to be short and have a underdeveloped body type from the norm. Under the term loli is just wrong and confusing.

This "legal" part backs up my earlier stated definition of loli. By simply implying that regular lolis are not of age. Aka legally recognized underaged fictional children.
Loli is not a body type. It's a term that defines the age of a character. Same as Shota. If there's shota for boys. There's loli for girls. Otherwise you'd have to say Shota is a body type too. And guess what? Nobody out here, is talking about shota as a bodytype. Rebecca isn't any more a loli than Krillin is a shota.

I rest my fkn case your honor.

Now can we get back to the boobs discussion? ofc not. But we should. Twas the point of this this thread.

I don't have enough hours to enumerate every way in which you are wrong, so I'll go with the low hanging fruit. Lolita was Russian, not French. It was written by Vladimir Nabokov while he taught at Cornell.

Jitoryohmaster - Group: Member - Total Posts: 85
Posted on: 12/19/23 12:48AM

You got me on one point. And that's it. Anyone can get one thing wrong.You haven't proven me wrong overall. Also my other point still stands. The term "Lolita" doesn't have a Japanese origin.

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