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SomeInternetLoser - Group: Member - Total Posts: 92
Posted on: 12/11/23 04:30PM

May i change my submission? i got a better idea.
Inspired by this:

The plot would be this: One day, the elf village was raided by the army of the dark lord <<Insert edgy name here>>. One of the captured female elves tried to escape but she was shot down by an enemy arrow and she fell down a cliff, don't worry, in fiction, if there's no corpse found, or if the character fell from a cliff, you can be sure that they are a-ok. And sure enough, before she hit the ground she was saved by the goddess of the elves and gave her the holy sword <<Insert name here>> which is the only weapon capable to kill the dark lord and his minions.
With the holy sword in hand, the elf girl embarks in an adventure to defeat the forces of evil and save her people from slavery.

Our main character, and other elves, male and female, are dressed in a similar way that the linked picture. But it's not overly sexualized, it's just part of their culture. And you know what's best? Other than the free titty or sometimes gratuitous topless by other characters, the game is pretty inoffensive, it's your typical 2000's action platformer set in a DnD like world with fantasy violence, almost no blood and zero swearing.

What do you think, would it be viable?

spiderfan - Group: Unofficial Gardener's Guild - Total Posts: 1290
Posted on: 12/12/23 11:06AM

I want to see star wars the old republic/dead space remake /nier automata/persona 4-5/grand theft auto san andreas/resident evil 1-4 remakes/revelation series/I, robot movie/genshin impact/alien/predator/batman-Spiderman games, nikke goddess of victory, fire emblem fates/3 houses/engage, eminence of the shadow/code vein/attack on titan/final fantasy 7 remake/ and finally boku no hero academia. Combine all of them in as one universe.

jarrads1 - Group: Member - Total Posts: 1
Pillage! The Female Spirit
Posted on: 12/15/23 06:14AM

you rate the woman's body from 1-11 and if you get it right you can fuck em

ThePigeon - Group: Member - Total Posts: 5575
Posted on: 12/15/23 07:41AM

jarrads1 said:
Super Rater Bros.

Hey, not bad, not bad.

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