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ThePigeon - Group: Member - Total Posts: 3811
Posted on: 11/12/23 08:06PM

SadSap said:
ThePigeon said:
I kind of hate the Senran Kagura games for the same reasons you dont like ecchi.

You know I think you’re absouletely right there. I think the only reason I even listed wanting a new Senran game was because it was something I wished for back when I was still a ecchi-loving teenager, without currently realizing that now I’ve grown up and have a very low tolerance for shallow, annoying content that only exists as cheap, non-nude titilation.

I’d change that to a more adult-oriented, less cringeworthy Senran Kagura Reboot that has complete full nudity and uncensored sex scenes. That, or just wish for a better game series to get a new entry instead.

Just adding nips would be a huge improvement. But you don't even get that, just endless fucking teasing.

Gfunk-ZX - Group: Member - Total Posts: 328
Posted on: 11/12/23 08:31PM

A Spider-Man game which covers the entire original comic run.

BRANLIX2000 - Group: Unofficial Gardener's Guild - Total Posts: 438
Posted on: 11/13/23 12:54AM

I want the goddamn Crash Twinsanity the way it was supposed to come out

Oh and I also wish they would do some Jak & Daxter games again, last one was decades ago, and I'm not talking about the lost frontier cauz it was dogshit

SomeInternetLoser - Group: Member - Total Posts: 53
Posted on: 11/15/23 11:48PM

I want a God of War (classic trilogy) like Touhou fangame, with Reimu as Main character, but i don't know ZUN's rules about fangames, and i think getting near AAA territory won't be okay with him.
But regardless, what ideas do you have for this concept? story, enemies, setting, bosses, etc.
About the gameplay, i magine this controller setting (Xbox controller):
X - Light Attack
Y - Heavy Attack
A - Jump / Double jump (X2) / Float (Hold)
B - Throw Ofuda (Range attack)
LB - Block / Parry (Last frame block) / Counter (Parry + X or Y)
RB - Grab / Range grab (LB + RB)
LT - Spell Card (Hold LT and select the spell mapped to A, B, X or Y)
RT - Interact with the enviroment, mechanisms or pray to statues with green (health) or blue (magic) auras to recover, like the health or magic chests in GoW
D-pad - Change weapon (Up: Gohei, Right: Evil sealing needles, Down and Left: I don't know, i'm open for ideas)
Left Stick - Move
Right Stick - Dodge
R3 + L3 - Fantasy Nature (Devil Trigger, Rage of Sparta, etc.)
R3 + L3 when low on health (50% chance) - True Fantasy Nature (The same as regular, but you become completely untouchable and your hair turns purple like PC-98 Reimu)
What do you think? Any other ideas?

Jitoryohmaster - Group: Member - Total Posts: 81
Posted on: 11/17/23 03:50AM

I want a proper remaster of CrashTeamRacing 1. Not that p.o.s. remake they made a couple of years ago. I spent too many hours playing the original to be losing to anyone. Seriously I couldn't even successfully make through the old shortcuts.

My dream game would be Megaman X games in Megaman Legends form.

Another dream game would be Smash Bros in PowerStone 2 format. Instead of basic boring flat plank of wood death stage. A focused more emphasis of using weapons in a 3d environment.

A JetSet Radio game with a GTA sized world.

Finally a true proper remaster of the Sonic Genesis games.
Sonic Mania was not it. Bought the game and dropped it. They missed the mark. Boucepads aren't supposed to feel like sh*t when using them. If you can't get that basic thing right. It's not Sonic. Imagine jumping on a goomba/koopa in a Mario game. And there's no bounce/pop when you make contact with them. That's what SonicMania bouncepads felt like.

Coalition - Group: Member - Total Posts: 43
Posted on: 11/18/23 04:18PM

Updated 'Guardian Legend' ( ) with better graphics, number of enemies, enemy appearances, etc.

Upgraded 'UFO: Apocalypse' ( ). Allow the city to grow/breathe as the game goes on. Change the Alien Dimension so the threat slowly increases over time rather than decreases. I.e. currently after you destroy the UFO factory the aliens can no longer attack the city. The upgrade would have the Dimensional Portals now firing off random shots into the city instead of spawning UFOs. Increase the intelligence of the civilians in the tactical battles so they do not just run randomly, the civilians will try to run towards an exit if there are no aliens around (and if no exit on that floor, they will run towards stairs to get closer to the floor with the exits). Gangs will prefer lots of small vehicles and chemical firearms (i.e. pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, autorifles, etc) because they are cheap. MegaPol (police) will prefer laser weapons for their accuracy. MarSec (responsible for Elerium mining safety) will use more plasma weapons as they have better access to Elerium.

Upgraded 'UFO: Afterlight' ( ). Add in a 2x2 sized shotgun ammo drum of 32 shots along with the 2x1 shotgun ammo clip of 8 shots. Have the drone AI be stored at the base and increase in skill based on XP earned by the drones, rather than the drones gaining XP individually. Have the upgrade chips able to be inserted immediately in a drone, rather than needing the drone to gain XP.

Upgraded Rogue Trader computer game ( ) that will allow the player to play as any of the factions (humans, Eldar, Orks, Dark Eldar, Tau, Necron, Tyranid, etc).

「RiseKunnykawa」 - Group: Member - Total Posts: 31
Posted on: 11/20/23 08:19PM

A puzzle game which goes all out in making you feel dumb, you gotta be smart for this, like, real smart.

Hee-Ho - Group: Member - Total Posts: 1525
Posted on: 11/20/23 09:19PM

Umm, can I say one more?
Because I had another wish and it's as important.

ThePigeon - Group: Member - Total Posts: 3811
I am not the police, you can say whatever you want.
Posted on: 11/20/23 09:22PM

Hee-Ho said:
Umm, can I say one more?

Daness - Group: Member - Total Posts: 1
Posted on: 11/22/23 07:29PM

Game is good that is ok

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