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Evilrapist23 - Group: Member - Total Posts: 2
Could you guys release different merch?
Posted on: 10/27/23 12:04AM

I[ve been lurking for a couple years, and I made an account recently just to request new merch, since I'd truly like to support this site, but feel that I don't want to wear a shirt branded with "CATGIRL CROSS COUNTRY"

Pollix - Group: Member - Total Posts: 149
Posted on: 10/27/23 07:36AM

I actually have that for when I go out to the gym. Fitting for the theme

lozertuser - Group: The Fake Administrator - Total Posts: 2146
Posted on: 10/27/23 09:00AM

No one notices what the text says, they assume it's some generic sports clothing. Proven first hand by me and various neighbors. New merch will be coming out when we get the time and extra funding to hire some artists to help.

spiderfan - Group: Unofficial Gardener's Guild - Total Posts: 1247
Posted on: 10/27/23 04:38PM

How about gelbooru the cereal, gelbooru the t shirt, gelbooru the coloring book, gelbooru the action figures, and gelbooru the flame thrower

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