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Hee-Ho - Group: Member - Total Posts: 1517
Final Fantasy Legend II/SaGa II
Posted on: 10/26/23 09:38PM

I wish there was games that is exacly like Final Fantasy Legend II, in gameplay perspective.
The story was simple and sometimes (the localization amplified it, illegal bananas) cheesy, but I mean at it's time, there was no stantards in story and writing. Tho it's miles better than any RPG slop nowadays.
The Party Custom and Combat was interesting, the DS version (despite it's 3d) build upon it, but could have been build more.
Like, have 3+ unique species with different playstyles like the robots getting stronger by only equipment.
And expand the strengh and weaknesss in each species.

If there was a Pokemon/Family Guy/Sonic/Touhou/whatever with SaGa 2 gameplay on it, i'll play the shit out of it. It's that fun to me.

ThePigeon - Group: Member - Total Posts: 3738
Posted on: 10/26/23 09:44PM

Hee-Ho said:
I wish...

Granted, but you will always fall asleep when the games start.

Oh right, wrong thread. Haha.

There are no other games like that?

SadSap - Group: Member - Total Posts: 2704
Posted on: 10/26/23 09:54PM

I'm sure there are plenty of other RPGs that follow the traditional style formula. It seems to be a very easy and basic style to replicate, and there are a number of forgotten RPG's that follow such an archaic style.

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