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ThePigeon - Group: Member - Total Posts: 3847
Posted on: 11/21/23 07:48PM

Flamingo123 said:
That's why I go to the same hair dresser always

Girl. Or flamboyant homo?

Flamingo123 - Group: Member - Total Posts: 1531
I once went to a place with a very cool flamboyant guy tho
Posted on: 11/21/23 07:48PM


ThePigeon - Group: Member - Total Posts: 3847
Posted on: 11/21/23 07:52PM

Flamingo123 said:

Girl's haircuts are way too expensive.

And dogs too. I paid 25 bucks for a haircut for Honey a week ago. My haircuts cost 7 bucks.

My hair has never been cut by a flamboyant dude tho.

Flamingo123 - Group: Member - Total Posts: 1531
Posted on: 11/21/23 08:01PM

I'd say 15 dollars is a well enough price, well mostly bc she does it well

BaconMinion - Group: Member - Total Posts: 565
Posted on: 11/21/23 08:05PM

ThePigeon said:

post #1812667

Ah yes, this.

ThePigeon - Group: Member - Total Posts: 3847
Posted on: 11/21/23 08:07PM

Flamingo123 said:

And your haircut is?

15 seems reasonable. And yes, paid 25 for the haircut of Honey. She looked pretty beautiful in the end tho. So, I guess it was worth it.

BaconMinion said:
post #1812667

Happy boy.

supremz - Group: Member - Total Posts: 1448
Posted on: 11/21/23 08:35PM

I dislike linear gameplay, and when navigating the game’s map is just a loading screen in disguise.

「RiseKunnykawa」 - Group: Member - Total Posts: 31
Posted on: 11/21/23 09:00PM

Washed out colors that make a game or movie look just a few inches away from black and white.

ookami741 - Group: Member - Total Posts: 50
Posted on: 11/22/23 06:42AM

- There's so much to not like. Let's start with out-of-proportion body parts taken to an extreme. I'm not a fan of an ass the size of Jupiter, or twin suns for breasts. This is why I don't like heavily distorted view angles either, too similar in outcome.

- Intentionally uglified or altered character designs (looking at you, Western world.)

- Piercings and tatoos, or anything cyberpunk in character design.

- Ahegao. It ruins what could have been a good piece of art. Over-the-top expressions in general aren't my thing. A villain who starts cackling like a maniac while twisting his body in impossible ways is not creepy, imposing or whatever, it's just comical in a bad way.

- Look, it's an organized church in anime with a close-eyed priest acting all nice, using clearly defined iconography of only one specific religion while never any other. And look, an empire. Gee, I wonder who the bad guys are going to be.
In a similar vein, I'm done and tired with the inversion of good and evil. Yeah, I get it already, it's yet another demon character or overlord, so obviously this side will be the good guys. It's beyond predictable now. The coolness factor has long since ran its course, with all that's left now as deconstruction.

- "We're not actually blood related."
Give me my money back, you bunch of frauds.

- Style over substance. No, your plot didn't turn deep and thought-provoking simply because you pumped in a bunch of random esoteric nonsense, or funky visual styles such as an entire disco of switching color overlays. It's just a mess now.

- "Hi, I'm random character A, leaving the Enterprise with Captain Kirk and Spock. Want to see a picture of my wife and child? Oh no, I'm experiencing a case of sudden death! My only weakness!"

- That wonderful design choice when I do side quests and grinding for more levels or skills, only to come back to the same area I had trouble with before and find out the enemies leveled with me.

- Hummingbirds-on-crack physics in anime, increasingly in western media too.

- "Did you like the cute cover of that manga? Did you enjoy the first 3/4th of content with sugary-sweet sex? Good, now have some hard rape and NTR."
Fuck you too.

- And now to be controversial, I don't like branching stories as found in VN and games. Either there's a canon ending, and thus the choices don't really matter and are a waste of time. Or there is no canon ending and the story has the same problem as a multiverse, where nothing really has meaning because there's other possible outcomes that are equally valid.
"Aerith/Aeris died, how sad, but a powerful moment in the story. Truly a classic that will be remembered for decades!"
"No, she didn't, not in my play-through."
"Oh, okay." Shrug shoulders and move on to another game.

Some of this sounds familiar. Maybe from an older post with a similar topic. Can't remember, the hurdles of getting old.

SadSap - Group: Member - Total Posts: 2722
Posted on: 11/22/23 09:11AM

ookami741 said:
long post

I actually agree with a lot of this.

Except for:
-Ahegao. I love ahegao. Even real life chicks who do it. I used to somewhat dislike it (like you), but I think it's turned into fetish and I see the beauty in it now. I enjoy seeing it a lot.

-Piercings and tattoos. Now I'm not a fan of them too, especially since an alarming number of girls around my age (and real life porn I watch) have girls who plaster themselves in ugly tattoos and piercings, but they can definitely be beautiful if done well. Busty, stacked, thicc, goth teens are my weakness.

-I kind of hate incest, so if they're not blood-related I would prefer that 100% of the way. Seriously, the concept of a "rental mommy" or "dommy mommy gf" is so much hotter to me than it being your actual mom. Same with step-sister, it's superior to someone having intercourse with their blood sister. Blegh.

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