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TickTack - Group: Member - Total Posts: 467
Multiple people in one account
Posted on: 10/23/23 12:12AM

Is gelbooru's danbooru user account be multiple people using it? I have been curious about this for a long while with the amount of images flowing from that account. Or is just basically copying everything even the ones that aren't anime?

ThePigeon - Group: Member - Total Posts: 3669
Posted on: 10/23/23 12:15AM

It is a bot. It just imports stuff from Dan.

TickTack - Group: Member - Total Posts: 467
Posted on: 10/23/23 12:18AM


Mderms - Group: I do edits sometimes. - Total Posts: 1265
Posted on: 10/24/23 02:14AM

I'd just like to point out that, at least for accounts with ad-free codes redeemed they can and do monitor and audit accounts for account sharing.

When redeeming a code, be sure that you understand the implications of doing such!

1. Advertisement removal perks will make it so that all of your login attempts will be logged and audited regularly.
2. If your account is detected as being shared among multiple people, *it will be banned*!
3. We do not offer compensation for unused or forfeited benefits.

Other than that I'm not sure why you'd want to share and account like this with another person, but I'm sure its frowned upon if not outright banned in the ToS. If not, it probably should be.

DougDimmadome - Group: Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome - Total Posts: 1651
Posted on: 10/24/23 07:58PM

Danbooru Bot is Legion

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