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Now Viewing: How many level 5 eevees could you take out in a fight?
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Oppai_chan - Group: Member - Total Posts: 144
Posted on: 07/04/23 10:42PM

Thorkell said:
you guys are seriously underestimating an eevee's ability to STEAL your weapons and or firearms. I'm just saying that theres a good chance it'll get a hit in with covet and make off with your weapon of choice.

How does Covet work? Is it a ranged attack, or does the Eevee need to make physical contact first? Is it chance based or does it have any countermeasures?

If it is a ranged ability with no counter, then I guess I'm just boned and I'll only be able to kick one or two of them before getting overwhelmed. What then is the point of this exercise, if whatever you have within reach to defend yourself is instantly negated?

But if it is a touch spell, I still have the reach advantage with the kukri and may cut down a handful before going down.

BRANLIX2000 - Group: Unofficial Gardener's Guild - Total Posts: 472
Posted on: 07/04/23 11:24PM

If they're 2 or more, consider me dead

Thorkell - Group: Rate Namer - Total Posts: 46
Posted on: 07/04/23 11:32PM

Oppai_chan said:How does Covet work? Is it a ranged attack, or does the Eevee need to make physical contact first? Is it chance based or does it have any countermeasures?

It's touch, the move has to make contact and the evee MUST survive said contact to pull it off successfully.

SadSap - Group: Member - Total Posts: 3183
Posted on: 07/05/23 04:58AM

Man, you guys are coming up with all these violent answers, meanwhile I'd just like to pick up and cuddle the cute things :(

Moonman - Group: Member - Total Posts: 300
Posted on: 07/05/23 06:18PM

Just stack them vertically. Quadrupeds hate being stacked. If the pile gets so tall that the Eevees up top will get hurt should the stack fall, there will be a mutual dedication to maintaining the balance. Now you're free to walk away.

Gamergirl1732 - Group: Member - Total Posts: 6
One would take me
Posted on: 07/07/23 10:01PM

They would easily take me out and some

milabue - Group: Member - Total Posts: 12
Posted on: 10/06/23 03:33AM

I toss my cheese dip and chips at them, and light up the bong. I have one bottle of liquor at hand at the moment. Perhaps that would distract some of them. For the female ones, I display my manliness and hope. And whimper a bit. If they're violent after that, I'll have to reach for the Frank book by Jim Woodring. "Oh, hey, look at this."

BaconMinion - Group: Member - Total Posts: 612
Posted on: 10/06/23 05:04AM

I only have 2 hands for pets and cuddles. But that doesn't mean they can't dog pile me and fluff me into a joygasm.

DougDimmadome - Group: Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome - Total Posts: 1651
Posted on: 10/06/23 06:43AM

None, just lay on the ground and they can eat me.

ThePigeon - Group: Member - Total Posts: 5212

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