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Now Viewing: How many level 5 eevees could you take out in a fight?
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Thorkell - Group: Rate Namer - Total Posts: 45
How many level 5 eevees could you take out in a fight?
Posted on: 07/04/23 04:30PM

They're all level 5, with a mix of naive and adamant natures. All of them have the adaptability ability and the following move set: Covet, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, and Growl. These things are coming at you all at once and you're only allowed to use whatever is within arms reach of you right now as a weapon to fend them off.

Me personally I think I can take down at least 6 using the BB gun as a bludgeoning weapon.

Xalrun - Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 4666
Posted on: 07/04/23 04:53PM

I guess I could smack them around with my back scratcher and stab them when it breaks.

Thorkell - Group: Rate Namer - Total Posts: 45
Posted on: 07/04/23 05:11PM

Xalrun said:
I guess I could smack them around with my back scratcher and stab them when it breaks.

They have Covet so it's probably gonna get stolen from you, idk how deadly a eevee is with a weapon but its at least deadlier than without

jedi1357 - Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 5721
Posted on: 07/04/23 05:54PM

If I can whoop a coyote with just my boot then I can take at least 1 eevee. The others will think twice before approaching. I weigh more than 16 eevees so I can probably faint several just by falling on them or stepping on them like an ent stepping on an orc. I've got nothing to covet. Growl will just alert me to their presence. Tail whip and quick attack will just piss me off. They may be faster than me but as an Articuno I can fly much further. They can't fight if they're exhausted. I may be bleeding but it will take at least a couple dozen to take me down.

I fire beams from my eyes. I'm a legendary, bitch! Bring it!

Oppai_chan - Group: Member - Total Posts: 143
Posted on: 07/04/23 05:57PM

I have a folding knife, a kukri, and a bayonet within reach, in decreasing order of sharpness. I have no training in their use, but bladed weapons are still bladed weapons, and my opponents are unarmored and can't parry.

I'm not too familiar with Pokemon, so I'm not sure what those stats mean. But I know that an Eevee is a fox-sized creature that is fairly mundane in its abilities, unlike say, a lightning-shooting Pikachu. They will need to get into physical contact with me to do any damage, but I can strike and injure/kill first, as I have the reach and lethality advantage. If we assume the battlefield is our immediate surroundings and not a featureless void, I could stand on top of my desk for an additional high ground advantage ("It's over, Eeveekins!"). My door is beyond my reach, but it may even be possible to lock and bar it quickly and obviate this entire scenario.

If these Eevees are rational creatures that value self-preservation, I may be able to defend myself against an arbitrary number of them on account of them simply choosing not to attack me when I have the above advantages. If they are irrational, hyper-aggressive creatures who harbor no regard for their own casualties, then how many I can take down before being overwhelmed depends a lot on the positional context. If I'm in a flat plain with no obstacles, maybe I could take out at least half a dozen before I am surrounded and defeated. If I control a high vantage point or a choke point, I might be able to dispatch dozens of Eevees. Again, context.

MrWaylayer - Group: Member - Total Posts: 24
Posted on: 07/04/23 06:20PM

I should be able to take on at least one with my chair and maybe more depending on how fast Quick Attack actually is

Jerl - Group: The Real Administrator - Total Posts: 6660
Posted on: 07/04/23 08:59PM

My Beretta holds 17+1.

Hee-Ho - Group: Member - Total Posts: 1509
Posted on: 07/04/23 09:12PM

A very sharp small axe and a trash can cap should suffice.

Thorkell - Group: Rate Namer - Total Posts: 45
Posted on: 07/04/23 09:40PM

you guys are seriously underestimating an eevee's ability to STEAL your weapons and or firearms. I'm just saying that theres a good chance it'll get a hit in with covet and make off with your weapon of choice.

Undeaddragon - Group: Member - Total Posts: 3442
Posted on: 07/04/23 09:42PM

I'd throw Fire Stones at them and force them to evolve into the worst eeveelution Flareon and make them regret ever being born into this world.

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