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Tekrelious - Group: Member - Total Posts: 10
I'm new, some questions
Posted on: 08/31/08 11:41AM

I've used databases like this before but only a little, from what I can gather you guys are the best such site. I don't like adult images and I run into them no matter what I search for which is why I use these sites so little. Is there a way to search only non-adult images?

I've been using gelbooru for wedding dress/wedding pictures. Yes, I'm a loser, I love girls in wedding dresses. I notice many of them are mislabeled what I would call princess dresses or ball gowns, they're often beautiful but without a veil or bouquet, chapel, groom or another bride, they aren't actually getting married. Probably just going to a dance or something. Should I feel compelled to change that? Should listings be made for fancy white dresses which aren't wedding dresses or are such tags already available I should use? Should I even bother, maybe other people don't care?

I've got years of pictures backed up on cds and dvds from all over. Should I just start uploading them all or should I feel more reserved? I don't want to flood this place with pictures if it makes people's lives more difficult. I also have probably the largest collection of worksafe game cgs of any living man on earth, should I upload those too?

I was recently banned from 4chan's /c/ for a week for uploading a picture with "exploitative code". It's a 6 month old picture I actually downloaded from /c/ (it's a wedding picture and I know where it came from) so it's unrelated to the recent attack of lol download and run this as a program (Really, I'm not THAT stupid). How can I tell which pictures of mine may contain harmful code? How can I prevent myself from uploading harmful pictures to your site?

gaze - Group: Member - Total Posts: 3
Posted on: 08/31/08 11:40PM

Pictures could contain harmful code!?!?! >_<
I thought only programs have the potential to be harmful... 0_o

Anyways, I wouldn't mind having more pics XD!!!

geltas - Group: Administrator - Total Posts: 6
Posted on: 09/01/08 02:20PM

Our system rejects any picture that contains ANY html, or are classified as a non-image (don't ask how its done)

lozertuser - Group: The Fake Administrator - Total Posts: 2146
Posted on: 09/02/08 12:14AM

If you know the difference between the two, then please do change the tags to fit the image better! That's what makes these types of sites great. Upload everything you can as long as it is of high quality. Try to give each image at least 5 tags. One of the CG title and one of a character would be helpful for some people (especially the source and moar group). That way users would be able to research and further the tags on the images if they want.

There is a feature coming soon that will allow you to essentially turn on a "Safe only" mode. Only pictures marked as safe will show up. For the moment the only way to search for safe images is to add rating:safe to your search query. For example: 'loli rating:safe' if you want to search for everything but explicit search: loli -rating:explicit

As geltas said, the system rejects bad images. You shouldn't have to worry about images containing exploit code.

Tekrelious - Group: Member - Total Posts: 10
Posted on: 09/02/08 07:32PM

Thanks so much for the comments. I'm going through getting SO much now, this is awesome, I learned how to use my account to filter them actually

My Account: Options: Tag Blacklist

I just put the word explicit in there and voila! No more explicit images ... well, some are getting through. I've noticed some people's concepts of explicit is different from mine. I don't like passing judgment but sex, masturbation, spreading pussies, vibrators in their crotch. I'm thinking explicit there, so I hope you guys don't mind, I'm relabeling those.

You guys are great. I'm having such a time downloading I've uploaded nothing yet, I promise to get on that as soon as I enjoy myself a bit more. I also found a good personal image tagging program, I'm bumping the thread to list it if you don't mind.

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