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Jerl - Group: The Real Administrator - Total Posts: 6662
Posted on: 09/02/21 07:05PM

Yes, they can - and with "partially_translated" too.

strong_hand - Group: Unofficial Gardener's Guild - Total Posts: 99
Posted on: 09/02/21 07:15PM

Jerl said:
Yes, they can - and with "partially_translated" too.

Okay then ;p

NotTheNax said:
I... probably should have come and asked first BEFORE clicking "Post Comment", but welp... Can't undo the past so.

I translated post #6340186 but I don't know how to add the yellow translation boxes so I just chucked everything in the comments. Do I... remove the translation_request? or because I only did it in the comments its irrelevant and doesnt count.
How do I summon someone who knows how to add yellow translation boxes?

Is there some sort of ancient summoning ritual I must preform or can I just come ask here.

Also Do I need to get translations approved or can I just write whatever and hope no one calls me out for it? if so where do I do that.... is it here?

I checked your translation and it was quite good. I took the liberty of slightly changing 3 of the notes to be closer to the original.

By the way, in one of the notes, you mistranslated the guy's name. She calls him Steward, and upon checking it's probably this guy:

though his hair color seems a bit different (perhaps it's just the shading).
I'd add tag him, but I don't think a tag has been created yet for this character and I haven't seen the series, so I'm not sure if that spelling of his last name is "canonical."

NotTheNax - Group: Member - Total Posts: 67
How do I tape my mouth shut, but with my fingers? I can still type with two fingers taped together, albeit slower.
Posted on: 09/02/21 11:46PM

Im just goin off of what google translate gave me because I legit don't know his name either lol
Steward sounds like a more normal name than "Teared" so you're probably right

Im not sure if you saw the tower of babel sized comment I left in the replies, but I left what I... transcribed using the hand-writing feature on google translate, if you take "ふああっ. やめねいでえ. もっと突いてえ テイアードくうん" which is im pretty sure exactly what he says, you get "Huh. Don't stop. Poke more Teared-kun" so yeah I never would have gathered the name "Steward" in a million years.

I did take a brief look over this wiki page when I was originally translating, and as you might notice Steward is nowhere present, so I guess no one liked him enough to include him on the wiki page. Good.

anyway thanks for your help I'll probably be back tomorrow translating the other two panels aswell, but if you happen to be able to actually read Japanese kanji, I won't stop you if you want to translate it for me hehe. Saves me the effort of manually drawing each kanji into google translate. hehe.

Speaking of the last name thing, im pretty sure its canonical, since on the wiki page I provided you'll see two others with the same last name

Ok I definitely think you're correct in your character assumption. I kind of skimmed through to find him, Episode 3: 2:24 (but he was probably shown earlier), Definitely looks like hes got a massive crush on her, and he doesnt exactly like Rio. He definitly seems like the kind of guy to rape people. oh also Episode 3: 5:06 there's his last name so 100% canonical unless the subtitles are wrong. Speaking of "looking like a guy who would rape", It doesnt help that he/his family was the one who sent a certain someone to do a certain job targeting a certain main character. I forget exactly why tho... Maybe he was jealous or something idk.

does... does that count as a spoiler
I tried my best to be as vague as possible

eitherway speaking of tower of babel comments I seem to have written another one. Oops

Ah I have an idea.
Longstory short / TLDR:
Thank you for your assistance and character you provided is almost guaranteed to be correct.

NotTheNax - Group: Member - Total Posts: 67
Posted on: 09/03/21 12:04AM

Ok turns out I missed out on a singular "ス" which is why the name is wrong.
also I used a big "イ" when I should have used a small "ィ"

anyway that's why I don't trust my translations

strong_hand - Group: Unofficial Gardener's Guild - Total Posts: 99
Posted on: 09/03/21 05:25AM

No problem. I didn't check the comment under the post, but I just assumed you must've ommitted a character, turns out you mistook it for another that just so happened to fit the ending of the previous word (the word ends in "te" and you added another "e," which just kinda prolongs it, so Google Translate gave a somewhat reasonable translation).

Thanks for putting in the effort to translate. Even without my corrections, I think it was good enough to give the reader the context they need on what's happening.

sasamisa - Group: Translator - Total Posts: 450
A Quick Question
Posted on: 10/08/21 02:22PM

Hey there,

I just wanted to find out if any of the mods have a problem with me updating existing translations, such as the one you cited as an example:-

Truth be told, I've been doing it on and off for a while now, ever since I started approaching JLPT1 standard (can't be far off now - I certainly know far more kanji than required for the test, around 3,500). Heh, it does kind of bug me when I come across something that is so completely wrong, it's ridiculous. (^_^;)

Anyway, if there isn't any issue, I'll keep doing what I'm doing; I'll even try to keep my Britishisms out of the translations if you want. In addition, if someone wants to add the boxes to any particular image, I don't mind having a crack at filling them in.

Let me know as they say. (^_^)

Jerl - Group: The Real Administrator - Total Posts: 6662
Posted on: 10/08/21 07:11PM

Fixing incorrect translations or rewording awkward or misleadingly written translations is completely fine.

ImTheThingYouHate - Group: Member - Total Posts: 15
Posted on: 10/31/21 07:33PM

robblu - Group: Member - Total Posts: 69
Posted on: 12/03/21 01:19AM

can some translate this for me even the text on the shirt please?

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