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Melandria - Group: Member - Total Posts: 1
How to change "about myself" in profile
Posted on: 03/09/15 07:11AM

Maybe I'm just dense, but I'm really not seeing it. A little help please?

Jerl - Group: The Real Administrator - Total Posts: 6662
Posted on: 03/09/15 09:10AM

You can't. It hasn't been implemented yet.

forum #19

Anti_Gendou - Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 4351
Posted on: 03/09/15 01:29PM

unless you're admin that is...

Sexfilled - Group: Member - Total Posts: 10
Posted on: 04/02/15 04:11PM

Anyone know when he is going to put it in gelbooru for all to use??

internetlovemachine - Group: Fleet Admiral Cat - Total Posts: 3836
Posted on: 04/02/15 04:39PM

No time soon.

Sexfilled - Group: Member - Total Posts: 10
Posted on: 04/02/15 09:18PM

internetlovemachine said:
No time soon.
Thank you for letting me know. :3

uwooz - Group: Member - Total Posts: 3
Posted on: 01/05/21 01:58AM

it must be super high tech

DoctorWasabi - Group: Member - Total Posts: 56
Posted on: 01/05/21 12:54PM

almost 6 years and still no about me

lozertuser - Group: The Fake Administrator - Total Posts: 2146
Posted on: 01/05/21 12:58PM

Here's to another 6!

pugsaremydrugs - Group: Unofficial Gardener's Guild - Total Posts: 980
Posted on: 01/05/21 01:40PM

i can't wait to be granted this feature only to write "no bio lol"

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