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jedi1357 - Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 5724
Posted on: 09/06/11 08:18PM

If I remember my lesson from ILM correctly, yes. The flood detector is turned off. However, if a tag is completely useless, you may be able to mass delete it.

Edit: *Looks through fanart tag, sees Nevada-tan on the last page.* :/

Jerl - Group: The Real Administrator - Total Posts: 6665
Posted on: 09/06/11 08:20PM

No, we can't mass-delete tags. ILM could do it because he had his fancy tagging script.

But then his laptop broke.

Daijin - Group: Retired Staff - Total Posts: 1153
Posted on: 09/06/11 10:04PM

studio_implant wiped.

Nega_Jaywalker - Group: Member - Total Posts: 94
Posted on: 09/07/11 08:22AM

wallpaper_for_the_brave wiped

Xalrun - Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 4672
Posted on: 09/07/11 08:56AM

I'm still gushing over being promoted. @__@

Nega_Jaywalker - Group: Member - Total Posts: 94
Posted on: 09/07/11 09:35AM

Xalrun said:
I'm still gushing over being promoted. @__@

Yes. Congrats Xalrun, new mod in training.

all "murasaki_heizu" images have been moved to "iro_marimo".

"Shounen_ai" has been wiped/images placed as yaoi.

Rikko-43 - Group: Member - Total Posts: 1438
Posted on: 09/07/11 11:27AM

My laptop broke too but I still do help fix tags a bit so i guess I can help you all out.

(thank god I have a spare keyboard, typing with the wii mote is a nightmare)

Nega_Jaywalker - Group: Member - Total Posts: 94
Posted on: 09/07/11 12:36PM

ShadowbladeEdge said:
I'm making this post so I can edit in tags I need to fix and edit out stuff I've fixed. Anyone can feel free to take care of any of these.

Wipe moemon as appropriate, read wiki
pokephilia -> bestiality or furry or wipe as appropriate
Wipe fanart
balls -> testicles
shounen_ai -> yaoi
okina_flying_factory -> naoki_(shibu_asa_ryo)
blade_(artist) -> blade_(lovewn)
murasaki_heizu -> iro_marimo

Stuff I'm not sure about:


I'm almost finished with moving the "okina_flying_factory" tagged pics, but now I'm wondering why you want the tags renamed.

Take a look at these pictures:
(WARNING: explicit loli images)

These images specifically say on them,"Okina_flying_factory". Do I still rename them, and why?

BlueBaroness - Group: Dewrito Pope - Total Posts: 1278
Posted on: 09/07/11 12:41PM

Are these doujin pages? They have page numbers on the side, but I don't know if this counts or not.

elemental_guy - Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 1200
handling duplicates
Posted on: 09/07/11 12:49PM

To those who are trying to help Gelbooru.

See this.

And here, take a close look at the end of her eyelashes and her mouth. (might need to do a click between the two to see what I see with tabs)

I can't tell wether the later post was redone or an accident.

any answers?

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