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lozertuser - Group: The Fake Administrator - Total Posts: 2146
Posts regarding toddlercon
Posted on: 06/27/08 10:30AM

Finally, we have a forum that I can make announcements on! Thanks geltas! :3

Alright, first up, toddlercon uploads. I do not care that you upload it to the site, but the advertisers do. Be sure you tag ALL toddlercon as such. Be sure to also rate it correctly. We give negative points to all explicit and questionable toddlercon. Safe is not affected by the scheduled depointing.

grgspunk - Group: Retired Staff - Total Posts: 34
Posted on: 06/28/08 02:38PM

Who the hell keeps putting up toddlercon pics with the loli tag? They aren't even supposed to be the same.

I've managed to delete all the loli tags from the pics, but can we prevent it from being posted with the same tag as toddlercon?

Edit: I think whoever that's been posting a large amout of toddlercon with the loli tags may be using a flooding tool. 60 or so of these toddlercon pictures were posted in a single day. The fact that all of them contained similar additional tags, particularly the "ironashi" tag, makes me believe that only one person was doing this. I would advise enabling capcha verification for posting pictures from now on.

Ezalias - Group: Member - Total Posts: 19
Posted on: 06/28/08 03:38PM

Danbooru and e621 have a wiki-like page for each tag, so users have more to go on than gut feeling and outside knowledge when tagging things on gelbooru. As a /b/tard, I group toddlercon with loli, so I would use both tags and expect toddlercon stuff to come up when I search "loli." If you feel strongly about this sort of thing, it'd help if the users had a more direct way to know about it than a forum most will probably skip.

Grgspunk - unless the pictures were uploaded mere seconds apart, 60 images isn't much of a challenge, especially if you copy-paste the tags.

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